1. Nathalie and the Loners
    2. .K
    3. Moddi
    4. Gabriel Ríos
    1. Jóga
    2. Garbanotas Bosistas
    3. She Keeps Bees
    4. Vök
    5. William Fitzsimmons
    1. Maggie Björklund
    2. Sister Wood
    3. OLY.
    4. Sharon van Etten
    5. The Antlers

We will meet in Białystok for the fourth time this year. Three magical days with the music. Come, join the festival, you won't regret it!

We focus on 2 streams: folk and songwriting, which still are a great field to explore. While researching we do not focus only on European artists. Our motto is: no geographical routine. That is why we have already hosted artists from many parts of the world, i.e.: Mountain Goats (USA), Theodore (Greece), GinGa (Austria), Ewert and The Two Dragons (Estonia), Lisa Hannigan (UK), SoKo (France), Navi (Belarus), Alina Orlova (Lithuania), Haydamaky (Ukraine). However it is necessary to mention, that all three editions were enriched by artists from Nordic countries who are always warmly welcomed by our audience. So far the festival's stage was honoured by performances of such artists as i.e.: Emilíana Torrini (Iceland), Under Byen (Denmark), Sivert Høyem (Norway), Anna von Hausswolff (Sweden), Pascal Pinon (Iceland), Sóley (Iceland), Hymnalaya (Iceland).

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